IKEA Social Entrepreneurship


IKEA Social Entrepreneurship (ISE) is a sub-brand to IKEA that focus on empowerment of vulnerable and marginalised people and the support of social entrepreneurs and other partners. A new visual identity was developed, including presentation materials, directions in how to communicate online and with SoMe, templates for annual reports, etc. In addition to this we produced a series of films to introduce three new partners IKEA have joined forces with; Saitex in Vietnam, CHP in Bangladesh and Spun in India. The films were produced during the peak of the pandemic, forcing us to use alternative methods of film-making with sent-out GoPro-cameras, directing and instructions from a distance and countless phone calls to various customs offices (were things got stuck).

— Produced in collaboration with Reimer+Inde
— Copy by Melissa Reimer
— Film production by Cameralink
— DoP (studio scenes) + editing by Anton Olin
— Set design (studio scenes) by Amanda Rodriguez
— Music by Julian Gillström
— Still photography by Stefano Azario among others

© Remier+Inde 2021