maj 2023 | Artistic Freedom Watch

Artistic Freedom Watch   Artistic Freedom Watch is a platform for continuously collecting data in order to get a more complete and aggregated picture of the restrictions on Artistic Freedom (and Freedom of Expression) that are made in Sweden. Anonymized data will be used for analyses, reports, seminars. Brought to you by Konstnärernas Riksförbund. The […]

november 2020 | Levande bilder—levande stad

Levande bilder—levande stad   Book design for Levande bilder—levande stad, an anthology edited by Geska Helena Brečević & Annika Wik. The book is a summary of the project Smart Kreativ Stad (2015–2020) and is based on contributions from multiple writers. The graphic pattern is a representation of the city, the lights, and the movement. The book has sections of […]

oktober 2020 | Timbuktu – AOD

Timbuktu – AOD   Official music video for the Timbuktu feat. Snoh Aalegra single ”AOD”. The video was made during corona-times and is primarily based on the lyrics to the song. It is a collage of cut-and-paste motion graphics mixed with video shots of the artist. — Produced in collaboration with Joakim Olsson and Olle Burlin    

augusti 2018 | Film Capital Stockholm

Film Capital Stockholm   Strategy/Re-branding work for Film Capital Stockholm—an organisation strengthening production of film, TV-drama and moving images in the Swedish capital region. The new logo and identity are based on the concept of frames; Film Capital Stockholm being the enabler and creating the frameworks for projects to evolve within. The flag reference + the colour […]

januari 2017 | Vattenfall

Vattenfall   Vattenfall is a Swedish power company owned by the Swedish government, generating power in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, and the United Kingdom. They are currently developing ’induction charging’—wireless power-up for electric cars, and hosted a competition to come up with a symbol for the concept/technology. A jury of Swedish artists and graphic designers announced […]

januari 2010 | Random stuff

Random stuff   Random stuff, single pieces, old work, ideas, pitches, unpublished, student work, etc. © Joakim Sjögren AB © First Flight Communication © Kunde & Co Copenhagen